Free policy for Vulnerability and Duty of Care

Hello Licensees, I have amended the Vulnerability Policy previously created for my clients to enhance their customer safety profile. It is a template and you will probably want to amend it to suit your particular business. It is important that staff are made aware of what they should do if a customer is or seems to be vulnerable. Do check with you licensing lawyer who will advise you

Vulnerability Policy for  NAME of PREMISES 

Statement re Duty of Care 

We recognise we have a general duty of care with regard to  the safety and wellbeing  of  all our customers, staff, suppliers and others who from time to time  access the premises at all times they are within the premises. 

To  enhance  and expand the understanding of the duty of care we have adopted this  vulnerability policy

For their safety patrons are monitored by staff who are trained to spot vulnerable persons and to assist where required 

Definition of Vulnerable Person 

Vulnerable persons are persons, who for any number of reasons are unable to look after themselves  or whose risk  of coming to harm, either physically or emotionally is increased as a result of their

  • Intoxication or Substance Misuse 
  • Illness or medical condition 
  • Mental Health Issues 
  • Disability 
  • Age 
  • Gender – risk of sexual exploitation/stalking 
  • Fear

Duty of Care & Reducing Risk Factors 


  • All staff are aware that they have a Duty of Care to patrons and to others 
  • All staff have been made aware of their responsibility when dealing with a person who is /may be vulnerable. 
  • All staff are instructed to be vigilant and observe customers for any signs of vulnerability. 
  • All staff understand what could make a person vulnerable. 
  • All staff are made  aware of potential predatory behaviour. 

Actions To Be Taken If Staff Aware of Vulnerable person

  • All staff are aware they should to refer  the matter to a responsible person e.g.  their line  manager and/or  security if security personnel engaged on premises 
  • All staff are aware they should try to identify whether the vulnerable person is with a group or  other friend and advise responsible person in first instance 
  • All staff advised to try  to identify the cause of the symptoms, i.e. drink or drugs, illness, fear  
  • All staff advised to assess age of patron if applicable. 
  • All staff advised to be patient, listen & believe a complainant of harassment. 
  • All staff advised to phone police / or ambulance if required for assistance 
  • All staff advised to record details of incident  in  incident log book


  • All staff advised how to assist people re mechanism of Ask Angela