• Compliance Check – Are you compliant with licensing or other relevant legislation?
  • Do your staff understand your operating plan?
  • Do your staff know how to keep an incident/refusals book?
  • How do you record training?
  • Can your staff operate the CCTV?
  • Where are your licenses and training records – does everyone who states they have a personal license have one?
  • What should you do and what should you keep to display due diligence
  • Alcohol sales risk assessment – what your staff need to know
  • Challenge 25 – what your staff and stewards need to know


For the Trade
  • Licensing Applications: new, variation, transfer, defending reviews
  • Licensing Law Helpline – free – call – 07718882837
  • Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders Training
  • Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders Refresher Training
  • Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff. Licensing compliance checks
  • Bespoke compliance training
  • Business Development – Techniques for positive change
  • Mystery Shopping – Swift reports on customer service and other key issues for business
  • Customer Service Training. Vicinity Checking – Swift reports on where the trouble lies – it may not be at your door!
  • Training needs analysis
For Legal Profession
  • Licensing Training for Solicitors and Staff both in-house and private practice
  • Licence, lease and purchase missive checks
  • A licensing consultant can assist your business development

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